Classroom Projects 2005-2009

In 1980, I joined the art faculty at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn Heights. Since that time I have taught almost exclusively 4th and 5th graders. Their artistic endeavors have never failed to fascinate and inspire me. I have discovered that the most interesting assignments are ones that pique my own curiosity. By investing my energy, enthusiasm and wonder, I often feel that I am really collaborating with my students as we embark on a path of discovery. One project leads to another; a drawing is transformed into a painting, which in turn, leads to a relief or a sculpture as the end result. By creating assignments that last 4 to 6 weeks, the students can relax their insecurities and have multiple opportunities to explore their creativity, skills and imagination. Another major component of the projects is the recycling of domestic materials. This creative approach teaches the students that “art” can be something made out of nothing, and is everywhere. The following portfolio documents in pictures some of the varied assignments.

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